Outlook Farm Brewery is now brewing craft ales in the repurposed “Slaughterhouse”, a former USDA farm meat production facility. With our small batch, 3-bbl brewhouse, the brewery is producing a line of ales and craft beers, including seasonal; selections, with a character all their own representing our motto, “It’s All Good”. Check out our list below, and look for us at local beer, wine and liquor stores, restaurants, and bars. Better yet, come out to the Outlook Farm Barn & Eatery to pick up some to go, or look for our Backyard Taproom and tasting hours and join us when things open soon for take-out orders, live music, food, yard games, and imbibe in your favorite Outlook Farm brewery selection!

Outlook Farm Brewery’s Craft Ale Selections

Slaughterhouse India Pale Ale
6.5% ABV
A juicy IPA with notes of citrus, soft mouthfeel, dry-hopped with Simcoe and Amarillo hops.

Outlook Pale Ale
6.5% ABV
A malty pale ale using cascade hops for a smooth flavor and finish.

Goin’ Down the Road New England IPA
6.2% ABV
Hazy NEIPA with soft, pillowy mouthfeel, citrusy lip smacking flavors, dry-hopped with Citra, mosaic, and Victoria Secret.

Blueberry Pale Ale
6.5% ABV
Best blueberry ale around! Malty base, smooth finish, hints of blueberry on the nose, and a wonderful mouthfeel with distinct “just right” blueberry flavor.

Seasonal Offerings:

5.8% ABV A delicious, soft witbier with aromas and flavors of fresh strawberries.

Imperial Stout
7.2% ABV
Packed with flavors of chocolate and roasted barley, smooth finish.

Farmhouse Saison
6.2% ABV
It’s back! Belgian style Saison, hints of pear, delicious.

Harvest Wheat Ale
5.8% ABV
Outlook’s Hefeweizen ale, a flavorful pilsner/wheat ale with soft mouthfeel, and delicious flavour forward classic with that touch of sweetness on the back end, get it while supplies last!

Coming Soon:

Stay tuned!