Outlook Farm has been producing top quality fruits for over 50 years. We are now making hand crafted wines from fruit grown on our farm and the region to create unique blends and flavors accentuating our all natural produce and the highest quality ingredients available.

Our Fruit Wines

Blackberry-Semi-dry black table wine, blackberry aroma.

White Peach-Semi-sweet table wine, peach notes.

Apple-Semi-dry table wine with golden color, apples aroma.

Peach-Semi-sweet table wine with hints of peach

Plum-Semi-sweet blush wine with aromas of black plum.

Cherry-Semi-sweet red wine with red cherry aroma, fruit

Pear-Sweet golden wine made from a blend of homegrown Bosc and Bartlett pears

Sangria-Red or white, made from a blend of our red/white wines, peach wines and apple cider. Sweet and refreshing, ready to serve over ice, or mixed with your favorite fruits

Our Sourced Grape Wines

Corot Noir (NY)-Dry red table wine, hints of berry, oak

Cabernet Sauvignon (Lodi, CA)-Rich red wine with hints of berries, perception of sweetness, oak

Pinot Noir (Lodi,CA)-Oak-barrel aged, deep red wine with hints of black currant, blackberry, oak

Petite Sirah (Lodi, CA)-Full bodied red wine with peppery notes, hints of currant and blackberry

Marquette (NY)-Full bodied red wine with perception of sweetness, aromas of oak, vanilla.

Pinot Grigio (CA)-Dry, crisp white wine with fruit aromas

Chardonnay (CA)-Dry white wine with golden color, hints of apples

Traminette (NY)-Dry, crisp, white wine with fruit aromas,

Riesling (NY)-Crisp, dry white wine with a hint of sweetness

Our Dessert Wines

Ice Cider-Outlook’s Traditional Apple Ice Wine made by freezing our apple cider to concentrate the natural sugars for a smooth, sweet flavor, apple aroma.

Pomodoro-Sweet dessert wine made from a cornucopia of our produce.

Blueberry Port-Sweet, Blueberry aperitif

Blackberry Port– Semi-sweet, blackberry aperitif