Outlook Farm has produced the best apple cider in the region from our Berkshire Mountain orchard; which include old-growth trees over 150 years in age. We blend Baldwin, Golden Delicious, Northern Spies, and Gold Rush apples. Balanced with aromas of Macintosh, Cortland, Red Delicious, and Rome. Slow fermented with hints of honey, spice and hops provides a Cider with a character all its own representing our motto, “It’s All Good”.

Outlook Hard Cider Offerings:

Orchard Blend
Slow fermented using ciderhouse yeasts and carefully balanced to create a bold, dry flavor retaining strong apple aromas, notable tartness, and a dry mouth feel. (6.7% ABV)

Honey Apple
Using a unique blend of Golden Delicious and Gold Rush apples combined with a hint of apple blossom and clover honey giving a refreshing flavor everyone can relate with. (5.9% ABV)

Our orchard blend is dry hopped with ample amounts of Cascade and Citra hops giving it a popping mouth feel and bold flavor that will challenge your senses. (5.9% ABV)

Using a blend of Outlook’s Bosc and Bartlett pears, freshly pressed and slow fermented creating a bold, crisp hard cider with complex mouthfeel, flavor and aroma. (5.9% ABV)